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Unica is born from a dream

Everything comes from a dream: having a trunk where you can find particular and never seen things.

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With love and tenacity, day after day, Unica has taken shape reinventing herself, going against the current, trying to give a feeling first… then falling in love… and after a passion for the customer who is attracted by an unusual way of offering dreams.

The value of objects is in the emotions they transmit

Unica was born of a bet, in a summer evening, between two old friends, who shared the desire to create something that was unique.

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In fact, Unica is not a presumption, but expresses the uniqueness of our products, which are made with a variety of materials, from aluminum to bright, because we believe that the particularity of an object is not given by the valuable material or the cost, but from the sensations that it is able to transmit. It is not a coincidence that the furniture of the shop celebrates the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, unique in its kind, ambiguous, sophisticated and very special, just like our products.

Clothes and accessories shop in Sorrento
Luxury goods store in Sorrento center

The materials

  • Silicone and certified leather, for bags and jewelery.
  • The bronze, which is very malleable and therefore lends itself to various types of workmanship.
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  • Silver, with a non-specific weight, which makes lightness its characterizing component.
  • Gold, in the most varied forms and workmanship.
  • The pearls, which we prefer are not perfect, but scaramazze, therefore imperfect, so unique.
  • Brilliant, stones, colored resins… anything that can arouse an emotion.
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